Family members

Cover for family members

Your Unite membership doesn’t just cover you, Unite Legal Services will also help your family members if they need legal support. Legal advice and representation is available to your family members who are not in employment.

As a Unite member, your family can get personal injury cover for:

  • Accidents away from work
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Serious injuries including spinal cord injuries, amputations and head injuries
  • Accidents on holiday in the UK or in Ireland

And for all of the above your family will get 100% of their compensation with no deductions, unlike high street law firms and the claims companies you see advertised on TV who will take a cut of up to 25% of any compensation they get.

Unite members’ family also get:

  • Special terms for clinical negligence

Non-working family members also benefit from expert clinical negligence support provided by Unite Legal Services. Specialist terms are in place for medical negligence claims which are more favourable than your family members would obtain if they went to any other legal provider.

A number of high street firms and the claims companies you see advertised on TV prey on the victims of accident, injury and disease. They also charge hefty fees and make deductions from your compensation without making it clear.

So if you, or a member of your family, has an accident, injury or illness, contact Unite Legal Services first for expert legal advice and representation.

Make the most of your membership.


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