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Local authorities

At Unite Legal Services, we represent members who work across local government; from police officers and school support staff to waste management operators and highway maintenance workers.

We use our knowledge and influence in your sector to support members with rates of pay, working conditions and pension and training schemes, and campaign to ensure safety at work is the highest priority.

We also know the potential risks and dangers that you come into contact with in your work.

Whatever your role, your employer has a duty to provide safe working conditions for you and your fellow employees. However, accidents do happen.

If you suffer an accident or injury at work – from workplace collisions, manual lifting injuries, slips and falls on wet, icy or uneven surfaces or assaults – Unite Legal Services can help.

Free legal advice and representation for Unite members

As a member of Unite, our experienced solicitors are there to provide you with free expert legal advice and representation.

From personal injury claims to employment law matters, we can guide you through the process of making a compensation claim and we guarantee that you will be awarded 100% of any compensation.

As a member you also benefit from legal cover for personal injuries away from work, including road traffic accidents, serious injuries such as brain or spinal injuries, and clinical negligence claims.

Unite Legal Services can also help your non-working family members who are injured or suffer an accident, such as on the roads or on holiday.

Start your claim today using our online claim form or by calling Unite Legal Services on 0800 709 007.